Since 1998 Seja Vogel has been an integral member of Brisbane synth-punk trio Sekiden, who have released two albums and two EPs. Sekiden’s high-energy live performances have reverberated worldwide, with extensive touring throughout Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA.

2006 saw Seja join iconic genre-mashers Regurgitator, augmenting the lineup with extra keyboard and backing vocal punch. To date Seja has toured with the band throughout Australia and on numerous overseas jaunts to Japan, China, Europe and Brazil.

An artist constantly wanting to push her own creative boundaries, Seja has also lent her keyboarding and singing skills to touring buddies such as SPOD, David McCormack and The Polaroids, and The Mess Hall.

More recently Seja has created a new batch of solo pieces under her own name for her album ‘We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares’. Seja’s solo output is a synthesis of her musical lineage to date, with future-pop production, blissful vocal harmonies, timeless songwriting crafts and an undeniable humanity converging in a one-woman-band package from an idyllic parallel universe.