Listed in the worlds Who’s Who of Women,  Sam Cook is cross-artform practitioner, educator, arts manager and leader in Indigenous Arts. A retired musician she is the Director of The Dreaming: Australia’s International Indigenous Festival and a programmer of the Woodford Folk Festival.

Artistically, Sam is a playwright, writer, visual artist and graphic designer. Administratively, Sam started working in publishing ahead of becomingthe CEO of Australia’s leading Aboriginal Theatre before launching her company KISSmyBLAKarts™.

Recipient of the UK Arts Council Fellowship in 2007, winner of National Aboriginal Youth of the Year in 1999 and Broome Aboriginal Artist of the Year in 1998. Sam was a columnist for Arts Hub, moderator for the World Indigenous Peoples Network, convenor of the BLAKSTAGEalliance and is the founder of Australia’s BLAK HISTORY MONTH.