Roxy Burt has been DJing for the last five years under the name Jane Doe and has DJed at venues such as Empire, Uber, Bar Soma, X&Y and more. Although Roxy classes herself as an indie/electro DJ, she is versatile and has been known to include genres such as dubstep and glitch.

After not being content with the club scene in Brisbane, Roxy decided to start organizing her own events. Pistol Whipped has been producing events since 2009 and has promoted likeminded events such as That Festival and shows by Dank Morass.

In 2011, Pistol Whipped will be focusing on bringing out emerging, international artists as well as hosting a monthly dubstep/dnb/glitch event called Make You Pop. Roxy also contributes to sites such as In The Mix and Faster Louder and is a freelance writer for Rave and Junior Magazine.