I have been working in the wonderful work of Public Relations for a mere 4 years. My first two were spent in corporate PR with internationally recognised fashion and lifestyle brands at a Sydney based agency.

I have always been an avid gig-goer so I took my on-the-job PR knowledge and lent a hand to musically inclined friends to see if it would be of any assistance. And, it was! I then dived into starting my own business, not-so-originally named Natalie Dodds PR that focused on music publicity. With the goal to grow my business, I dabbled in a few other areas including bars, venues and events, but most prominently my association with a digital agency, Sharkey Media as their Online PR/Social Media nerd.

A year ago I moved to Brisbane because it has a thriving music scene (something that Sydney is at a constant toil with) and I had met so many people who were pro-actively contributing. With Natalie Dodds PR, I worked with Montpelier, Passenger and Dukes of Windsor, to name a few. I have just started a new chapter of my publicity career as the new publicist at Brisbane’s Mucho Bravado.