Michelle Brown is one of Co-Station Managers at 4ZZZ community radio and has been employed at the station for over 2 years. Her role includes looking after Marketing, Promotions, Communications and Programming.

 A typical day at Zed for Michelle can include booking in a sponsorship campaign, organizing a station fundraising gig, calling the plumber, doing a voice over for a station promotion, sending out press releases and updating the station Facebook profile.

 Michelle is very passionate about the local music scene and working at 4ZZZ gives her the opportunity to work with others equally as passionate, the station has a constant stream of volunteers and interesting, independent (and famous!) artists through its doors.

 Before 4ZZZ, Michelle worked at Scene Magazine for nearly 4 years and learnt a great deal about dealing with weekly deadlines and how much they can be pushed! She briefly contributed editorial to Rave Magazine’s Informer section after leaving Scene.

 For many years Michelle has organized and promoted shows with local, interstate and international musicians. She has also freelanced designing posters and various other graphic design projects.

 Besides working in the local music biz, Michelle satisfies her music obsession by playing in bands. Currently she sings and plays guitar and bass in the all girl 4 piece Feathers.