In 2007 Eliza Lam met Alexander Gow at the supermarket. He was working on the check out while she shopped with her brother, who went to school with Alexander. Her brother suggested Eliza should join Oh Mercy as she could play bass. After an initial trial it all came together and Eliza joined Oh Mercy. Her 10th show was as a Triple J unearthed winner on the stage of the Big Day Out in Melbourne.

Eliza grew up in a musical family, her brothers all play in bands and they are supportive of her playing in Oh Mercy, especially as she has now finished her University degree in Scientific Photography.

Oh Mercy has seen Eliza play almost 300 shows in 3 years, both in Australia, New Zealand and America – she has toured with Temper Trap, Crowded House, Little Red, Lisa Mitchell, Washington and played almost all the big name summer Australian festivals.